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High-Risk Banking Solutions for All

Finding a high-risk banking solution is a challenge amid the growing list of red flags plaguing businesses.

Companies experience problems when obtaining financial services like opening a bank account or getting global banking services from retail banks and other financial institutions because more and more activities are being classified as high-risk.

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Individuals living and working in regions like Eastern Europe, Middle East, and South Asia, struggle to find and keep a reliable high-risk banking solution.


High-Risk Solutions
For high-risk businesses with the appropriate licenses, we offer secure international payment services, an IBAN bank account, and services that are relevant to your industry


Safety and Stability
We are fully licensed in the UK & US and provide you the highest level of security of your funds and financial operations


For Business Owners
We conduct all our communication online, eliminating the need to go to the bank to personally sign papers and make changes to accounts


Personal Touch
PayPugs clients have their own personal account representative to answer any questions and help them along the way

We understand your frustrations. We work with high-risk jurisdictions and industries such as foreign exchange, igaming, cryptocurrency, and others to give all our customers a seamless banking experience and confidence that their operations are fully compliant.

How are we different?

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One-Size Fits No One

Get to know your personal account manager through a personal call and receive a solution suitable for you. Our highly trained and certified team members will help you every step of the way.


Power in Partners

We take pride in our relationships with partners across the globe. With multiple partnerships, we aim to give you a one-stop solution for all your needs.

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High Tech-High Touch

We are heavily invested in you. By asking questions about the business and issues, we try to inform and support you as much as we can through the onboarding process.

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